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Specialist growers in south Lincolnshire UK   


Ornamental grasses large plugs ready now

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Hayley Merrison holding Carex Frosted Curls Grass Plugs 51 per tray
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Grasses wholesale UK Nursery GrowersAs wholesale growers of alpines and ornamental grasses, we welcome enquiries from:


* Garden Centres and other Retail Outlets.

Our 9cm alpine collection contains a large selection of attractive, cutting raised  plants, propagated on the nursery. The colourful 10.5cm ornamental grasses include many evergreen and carefully selected varieties. Each year we trial new varieties of both alpines and grasses within the nursery grounds and only continue with good performers. Each plant is labelled and ready for instant sales from your garden centre.


** Landscapers, Local Authorities, and Schools.  

Many plants we offer are low maintenance and yet very appealing to the public.  In particular, ornamental grasses have the added benefit of providing height, wonderful textures and often all-year round form. For advice or to discuss your planting ideas contact us.


*** Fellow Nurserymen and women. Our fully labelled alpines and grasses can be used for either direct sale or for re-potting into 2/3 Litre pots.

Contact us now to discuss Perennial grower UK Nurseryyour plant requirements.


Good variation, quality and reliability. Propagated and grown on our nursery in Spalding, Lincolnshire.

Alpines rockery plants wholesale grower

Customers are welcome to collect an order direct from the Nursery, or we can offer a delivery service - please contact us for more details.

For prices and our wholesale availability list telephone us on 01775 640935 or e-mail via our online form.


Alpines rockery plants wholesale growers nurseryPOT RANGE

We supply alpines and grasses as straight or mixed trays.

The ALPINES are supplied in 9cm pots, 20 per tray.

The GRASSES are supplied in 10.5cm pots, 15 per tray.

We also offer both from our surplus plug list, a range propagated on our nursery in Pinchbeck.

Contact us now for our current availability lists.


Ornamental grass suppliers UKCARRY PACKS

We supply two types of Carry Packs: 4-packs for grasses and 6-packs for alpines.

Each pack has a full colour handle and each pot is accompanied by a colour label.

We always ensure a good combination of plants, in order to maximise looks and sales appeal.



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