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Click for photo GENUS Species / CULTIVAR Height/ spread (cm) DESCRIPTION
Deschampsia caespitosa Golden Dew Goldtau photo and description Deschampsia caespitosa 'Goldtau' 90 x 75 'Golden Dew' Rich green leaves with cloud of silvery brown flower plumes. Moist soil.
Deschampsia caespitosa Northern Lights photo and description Deschampsia caespitosa 'Northern Lights' 25 x 25 Lovely green, cream and pink variegation. Best in moist, well-drained soil.
Deschampsia flexuosa Tatra Gold photo and description Deschampsia flexuosa 'Tatra Gold' ('Aurea') 15 x 30 Golden wavy hair grass. Lime yellow soft leaves with great spikelets. Moist if in sun.
Awaiting photo Elymus hispidus 60 x 60 Hairy, blue wild rye. Erect clump of silvery blue-green leaves. Drought tolerant.
Elymus magellanicus photo and description Elymus magellanicus (glaucescens) 30 x 45 Blue wheatgrass. Most intense of blue grasses. Needs good drainage. Use in gravel gardens.
Eragrostis curvula Weeping Love Grass photo and description Eragrostis curvula 90 x 120 African Weeping Love Grass. Arching green leaves with airy flower plumes.
Awaiting photo Eragrostis curvula 'Totnes Burgundy' 90 x 120 Arching leaves and plumes. Mature leaves blushed wine-red. Best in sun. Drought tolerant once established.
Awaiting photo Eragrostis elliotii 80 x 40 Blue Love Grass/Wind Dancer. Fine glaucus-blue leaves with airy spikelets. 
Festuca amethystina photo and description Festuca amethystina 60 x 30 Very fine green festuca, with violet tinged flowers high above clump. Drought tolerant.
Festuca eskia photo and description Festuca eskia 20 x 30 Discontinued.
Festuca gautieri photo and description Festuca gautieri (scoparia) 15 x 15 Discontinued.
Festuca glauca Azurit photo and description Festuca glauca 'Azurit' 30 x 60 Best festuca for blueness and density of clump. Drought tolerant.
Festuca glauca Blue Fox photo and description Festuca glauca 'Blue Fox' AGM 35 x 60 Awarded its RHS AGM in 1993. A silver-blue form. Drought tolerant.
Festuca glauca Elijah Blue photo and description Festuca glauca 'Elijah Blue' 23 x 45 Silver-blue. Palest of cultivars. Drought tolerant.
Festuca glauca Golden Toupee photo and description Festuca glauca 'Golden Toupee' 20 x 20 Yellow/green. An unusually coloured festuca to brighten a container or border edge. Avoid winter wet.
Festuca glauca Harz photo and description Festuca glauca 'Harz' 23 x 45 Discontinued.
Festuca glauca Minima photo and description Festuca glauca 'Minima' 8 x 20 Cutest blue festuca. Light blue miniature - suited to alpine gardens. Good in flower.
Festuca glauca Sea Urchin Seeigel photo and description Festuca glauca 'Sea Urchin' 20 x 30 Very fine olive green tactile leaves. Very graceful in flower. Good for perennial border edge and containers.
Festuca valesiaca Silver Sea photo and description Festuca valesiaca 'Silver Sea' 13 x 20 Discontinued.
Awaiting photo Festuca idahoensis 'Siskiyou Blue' 45 x 60 Long, bluebunch grass. Forms an amazing cascade, best displayed in a tall container. Longest leaved.
Glyceria maxima Variegata photo and description Glyceria maxima 'Variegata' 75 x indef Cream/green variegation. Best at pond edge or shallow water.
Hakonechloa macra photo and description Hakonechloa macra 45 x 45 Gracefully arching green leaves, similar to bamboo. Turn copper-orange in autumn.
Hakonechloa macra Aureola photo and description Hakonechloa macra 'Aureola' AGM 40 x 45 Yellow leaves with thin green stripes. If it becomes more green, move to sunnier spot. Great in pots.
Helictotrichon sempervirens AGM Blue Oat Grass photo and description Helictotrichon sempervirens (Avena candida) AGM 100 x 60 Blue Oat Grass. Tight blue erect clump.  Flowers best in fertile, well-drained soil.
Holcus mollis Albovariegatus photo and description Holcus mollis 'Albovariegatus' 15 x indef Discontinued.
Hordeum jubatum Squirrel tail grass photo and description Hordeum jubatum 30 x 30 Squirrel tail Grass. Slender leaves with elegant fine salmon-pink bristles as flowers.
Imperata rubra Red Baron photo and description Imperata cylindrica 'Rubra' 45 x indef Japanese Blood Grass. Erect leaves begin green/yellow, turning red/burgundy.
Isolepis cernua Fibreoptics Grass photo and description Isolepis cernua 15 x 30 Fibreoptics Grass. Green moplike leaves with white spikelets on ends. Best in containers.
Juncus effusus Curly Wurly photo and description Juncus effusus decipiens 'Curly Wurly' 10 x 10 Very appealing tightly coiled green leaves. Best sited at water's edge.
Juncus effusus Limelight Variegated Curly Wurly photo and description Juncus effusus 'Limelight' 10 x 10 Very unusual: a variegated Curly Wurly. Tightly curled leaves with a bold yellow stripe travelling along the length of each curl.
Juncus Filiformis Spiralis photo and description Juncus filiformis 'Spiralis' 35 x 60 Deep green, cylindrical leaves, curling like corkscrews. Keep moist.
Juncus inflexus Afro Blue Madonna photo and description Juncus inflexus 'Afro' 30 x 60 Pastel green/grey loosely coiled leaves. Striking feature plant. Drought tolerant.
Juncus tenuis photo and description Juncus tenuis 60 x 20 Slender rush. Bright green leaves with attractive flower clusters. Damp soil.
Koeleria glauca photo and description Koeleria glauca ('Coolio') 23 x 45 Blue hair grass. Pastel green/blue flat leaves. Attractive in flower. Native to sandy soils.
Koeleria macrantha photo and description Koeleria macrantha 50 x 45 Crested Hair Grass. Blue/green hairy leaves. Tactile with silver edged flower spikelets.

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