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alpines grasses saxifraga carex festuca dianthus sedum thymes pennisetum

Specialist growers in south Lincolnshire UK   




Grasses mail order

Hayley's choice of 15 grasses will consist of 5 varieties, 3 of each type. There will be a good contrast of colour, texture and form.

Please state whether you would prefer short (less than 1 metre) or tall (greater than 1 metre) grasses.

Shorter varieties will be ideal for the front of the border and in containers, whereas the taller forms suit accent planting and the middle to back of the border.


15 SHORT Grasses for 42.95 incl. P+P or

15 TALL Grasses for 45.95 - Please select option A (Short) or B (Tall).

A: 1 box of 15 SHORT grasses for 42.95 - follow link below


B: 1 box of 15 TALL grasses for 45.95 - follow link below



To order this collection, simply follow the How to Order link. Don't forget delivery charge is included in these special prices and we send pots NOT plugs.



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