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Specialist growers in south Lincolnshire UK   





Alpines school containers creative stations hardy resilient colourfulCaptivate your children's imaginations and ideas outdoors, using our carefully selected range of alpines.


Low maintenance, resilient, hardy, tactile, colourfulUpcycling gardening old cookware washing up bowl children outdoors and drought tolerant, this collection is perfect for the children to plant into miniature gardens. You don't need special containers - they'll be happy in old washing up bowls, cookware no longer in use and even the back of old toy dumper trucks that have seen better days! Any holes will be an advantage (for drainage).

It's not just about using the new miniature, live gardens as  'imagination stations', but also about the science of growing, watching buds then flowers forming and butterflies following. The plants included will be attractive to pollinators, helping to protect these important invertebrates.

Children can also learn about the changing seasons as flowers fade and have the responsibility for keeping the plants alive and weed free (made easier by our choice of ground hugging varieties).

The mini gardens also work well as 'themed stations',children gardens upcycling themed dinosaurs care nature outdoors butterflies exploring termly topics such as dinosaurs. We've heard children explaining why their dinosaurs were going in particular places: herbivores with their long necks amongst the tall plants and the carnivores with their spiky backs into the open space to attack!

All plants will be in 9cm pots and ready for immediate planting.


20 ALPINES for 42.95 incl. P+P or

40 ALPINES for 75.90 incl. P+P.

1 box of 20 ALPINES for 42.95 - follow link below


2 boxes (40 ALPINES) for 75.90 - follow link below



To order this collection, simply follow the How to Order link. Don't forget delivery charge is included in these special prices and we send pots NOT plugs.



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